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The Finesse Cayenne Bridle is a luxury design that has been developed to provide the ultimate in comfort for your horse throughout wear. Not only does it eliminate pressure points by avoiding the sensitive areas of your horse's face, it may also improve performance by allowing the horse to become more balanced, and in turn, allowing greater freedom of movement.

It is a scientifically-proven (University of Copenhagen), well-thought out creation that has a truly unique headpiece, made with a pressure reducing fibre-material pad. This material originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients to avoid pressure sores, and allows the blood flow to remain intact through the body parts that are in contact with it. It isn't a memory foam; it is a unique foam that moulds to your horse's head through use.

The position and design of the headpiece distributes and reduces pressure around the poll and allow the bridle to sit away from sensitive areas on the horse's face, therefore improving comfort. When the bridle is fitted, there is a generous space between it and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ); this is an extremely sensitive area that, when pressure is applied, can cause many ridden issues or soreness.

All the buckles on the Finesse Bridles are carefully placed to reduce the risk of unwanted pressure points, and the noseband attaches to the headpiece with cleverly engineered hook-and-eye fastenings. This also allows the noseband to be removed while the bridle is still on your horse. The cheekpieces are independent of the bridle, with adjustment on the top of the head, to allow for even adjustment.

Finesse Rolled Double Bridle

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