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The Amerigo Complete Care Leather Kit is a must-have addition for any equestrian, designed to protect, maintain and nourish your tack.


To ensure that your tack maintains its aesthetics through time, and to preserve the softness and suppleness of the hide and leather, it is important for hide cleaning and moisturising treatments with specific products to be regularly carried out. This consist of some fairly simple and yet essential care, allowing a natural protective barrier to be created, protecting the hide against natural agents such as light and heat that could otherwise cause its premature aging.


This set contains all you need to care for your tack:

Soft Clean helps to remove dirt and grime.

Soft Care is deep cleansing and conditioning.

Grease protects leather from water and sweat.

Sheepskin Glove is the perfect tool to buff up your saddle after application of the grease. Soft Oil which maintains and moisturises, this set is an essential in every tack room.

Amerigo Cleaning Kit

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