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With Cavalor Bianco wash, white truly becomes white again. Not even stubborn grass, manure or urine stains stand a chance against Bianco Wash.


Cavalor Bianco Wash is a highly concentrated shampoo. Just a little will suffice to get even the most stubborn stain out of your (grey) horse’s coat. Use it as a concentrate to add to a bucket of water, or use a little bit directly on the stain for amazing results.


Bianco Wash contains strong cleaning detergents, yet it is gentle on the skin. The unique formula rids stains without skin irritation and has been specifically engineered for horses. Thanks to the neutral pH the shampoo is soothing on the horse’s skin and keeps it well-hydrated.


So-called silver shampoos are popular for washing grey horses. The purple or blue pigment that is added to these products reduces yellow shades. Although at first glance the result is apparent, this is mainly a visual effect. These shampoos do not cleanse the coat as deeply and stubborn stains will not disappear. Cavalor Bianco Wash has a deep-cleansing effect and prevents persistent stain

Bianco Wash (500ml)


  • Wet horse’s coat and use a small amount of Cavalor Bianco Wash directly on the coat, or dilute some product in a bucket of lukewarm water and apply with a sponge. Rinse the coat properly with water afterwards.

    * For external use only.

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