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Cavalor CoolSens is a concentrated liniment containing a mixture of essential oils used to wash, refresh and cool the horse’s body, muscles and legs.


Just like humans, horses sweat to maintain their body temperature. The difference is that they have more muscle mass and a relatively small skin surface, making it difficult to cool down. While to us, riding in 20 °C feels pleasant, for horses, everything above 10 °C feels warm. It is very important that sweating horses cool down properly to prevent muscle soreness and permanent damage to the body. If the horses continue to sweat, it means they are still too hot. Refresh your horse with cold or lukewarm water. Adding Cavalor CoolSens to the water will increase and prolong the cooling down.


Cavalor CoolSens is ideal to spoil your horse after a heavy effort or simply on a hot summer day allowing your horse recuperate and dry fast with a brilliant shine.




Coolsens (500ml & 2L)

  • Cavalor CoolSens contains essential oils such as menthol, eucalyptus radiata and tea tree oil. Menthol and eucalyptus have a miraculous effect on the sensory nerves by stimulating those that produce a cool, soothing sensation to refresh tired, aching legs. Furthermore, they inhibit a specific pain receptor, making them an effective topical analgesic. In addition to its local cooling and analgesic properties, menthol can speed up the healing by dilating blood vessels. This increases blood flow to the affected area, which is an important factor in alleviating muscle and joint soreness.

    Cavalor CoolSens has a neutral pH and will not irritate the skin. Thanks to the addition of tea tree, the product is also ideal for treating minor abrasions.

  • Dilute Cavalor CoolSens with cool water to the desired concentration. Apply to the horse’s body with a sponge focusing on the back and legs and avoiding contact with the eyes. Do not rinse the horse, simply use a sweat scraper until it is no longer dripping water.

    * For external use only.

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