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Cavalor Dry Feet is based on prebiotics and probiotics to provide the sole and frog with good, protective microflora for the active suppression of pathogens. This product is used worldwide by veterinarians, farriers, grooms and riders to treat soft areas of the hoof.


Thrush is a common bacterial infection of the hoof that affects the frog. Horses with deep grooves and narrow heels are at a higher risk of thrush, regardless of how clean the horses surroundings are pathogens will always remain. Standing in stables or in wet/muddy paddocks are ideal conditions for anaerobic bacteria to survive in the hooves and cause damage there. Once the tissue becomes damaged, these bacteria may even penetrate to the sensitive areas of the hoof under the frog and lame the horse.


The new Cavalor Dry Feet formula was tested extensively by people whose horses were afflicted by thrush and over 98% of users reported a noticeable difference after 10 days, with more than 60% even seeing results within 5 days.



Dry Feet Natural (250ml)

  • The new Cavalor Dry Feet formula is 100% natural and contains a combination of good bacteria (probiotics) and inulin (prebiotics). Inulin promotes the activity of the probiotics in the product as well as the good microorganisms already present on the hoof. These colonise the entire surface of the hoof, actively displacing any bad bacteria that can cause issues such as thrush. 

    The concept of using good bacteria to suppress bad bacteria has already been applied successfully in food storage applications. It is part of Cavalor’s ultimate recipe for a healthy horse, from the inside out. Example: Cavalor VitaFlora promotes optimal digestion in the large intestine. Bacteria exist in many forms, each of which will respond to specific conditions differently, therefore selecting the right probiotics and prebiotics is essential to enable the product to function as effectively as it should.

    The bacillus ferment, the probiotics in Cavalor Dry Feet, is a collection of bacteria that occur and thrive naturally on healthy hooves. Inulin is the best source of nutrition for this bacillus ferment, contributing to a good, long-lasting effect.

  • For cases of a soft frog or sole, apply the product to the cleaned hoof twice a day, or use it preventively twice a week to keep frogs and soles healthy.

    * External use only.

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