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Cavalor Equi Wash is the ideal shampoo to give your horse a revitalising shower. The pH-neutral formula removes dirt while being gentle to the skin.


Equi Wash is infused with provitamin B5 and glycerin. Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair shaft and helps to improve the moisture content of the coat. Hair that is hydrated appears thicker and more elastic, making it less susceptible to breakage. The glycerin will act as a real coat conditioner giving strength, volume and natural shine to the hair.


Cavalor Equi Wash is easy to rinse and will give your horse’s coat a healthy glow.

Equi Wash (500ml & 2L)

  • Contrary to our skin, which has a natural acidity of4.0 – 5.5, the optimal horse skin pH ranges between 7.0 and 7.4. If this pH is unbalanced, problems can occur. More information about the importance of a correct pH are outlined on page 5. Cavalor Equi Wash has been specifically engineered for horses. Thanks to the neutral pH the shampoo feels refreshing on the horse’s skin and keeps it well-hydrated.


  • Wet the horse’s coat to remove any loose hair or dirt. Apply Cavalor Equi Wash directly on the coat, or dilute a small amount in lukewarm water and apply with a sponge for a fresh, clean coat. Rinse the horse’s coat thoroughly.

    * External use only.

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