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The Flex-on Composite Stirrups are the perfect choice for all riders, combining comfort, performance and style!


This  innovative design  helps to prevent injury, by minimising the pressure put on joints caused by the movement of your horse, thanks to the built in elastomer springs and the shock-absorbing flex-on system. The treads rest on the elastomer springs and are ergonomically designed with offset stirrup leather slots for a better connection to the horse and increased comfort.  The treads are inclined to enhance the natural 'heels down' rider position, providing increased stability and perfect positioning of the lower leg. The Ultra Grip footbed is made from moulded POM with crimped pins made of hardened steel.


These stirrup irons are easy to clean (simply wipe with water!), and are the ultimate choice for both everyday riding and competition use.

Flex-On Composite Stirrup Irons

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