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Cavalor FreeBute helps maintain supple muscles and joints whilst supporting mobility. It provides the natural relief that horses sometimes need to maintain free movement. All horses need to feel good for optimum performance. Relief from pain and discomfort is the beginning of any healing and recovery process. However, many pain relievers contain prohibited substances or may have adverse side effects. Cavalor FreeBute contains only safe, natural ingredients. It is gentle on the stomach and can provide relief in many situations.

Free Bute Pro (50g syringe)

  • Cavalor FreeBute uses a sophisticated blend of herbal ingredients that are especially effective in alleviating symptoms associated with overworked muscles and joints (pain, fever, inflammation). The selection of herbs and essential oils reflects the synergies of certain raw materials. Black current, white willow, and the essential oils of blue gum and clove each have different effect mechanisms, making their combined effectiveness stronger (backed by scientific research). Essential amino acids such as L-lysine and L-phenylalanine also promote successful recovery after exercise. Contains the vitamins and minerals needed: complex of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B12) that promote carbohydrate metabolism and energy supply. Zinc and manganese support the joints during peak periods whilst vitamin E and selenium protect the cells from overload.

  • 1/2 a syringe the night before and 1/2 a syringe the morning before an exertion. Riders often feel that horses benefit even more from 1 syringe the night before and 1 syringe the morning before an exertion.

    1 syringe = 60 g. Maximum 240 g per day per horse (= 4 syringes)

    Tip: Use for 1-2 days before needed. Hard-working horses frequently suffer from some stiffness or pain; Cavalor FreeBute alleviates these complaints so that your horse feels great again. Cavalor LactaTec stimulates muscles, making them less stiff, more supple and aids muscle recovery to help you give your horse just that little extra.

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