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Cavalor Gastro Aid creates a healthy environment in the stomach with a focus on neutralising stomach acid and protecting the stomach wall. In the equine stomach acid is produced 24/7. As a result, the horse’s stomach is very susceptible to the development of sores and ulcers. The herbs in Cavalor Gastro Aid provide the necessary protection for the stomach wall against excess stomach acid. To provide extra assistance for the stomach, they stimulate the production of saliva and help the stomach wall recover from any ulcers.


When the stomach is empty, the stomach acid irritates the stomach wall and causes sores or ulcers. There are several ways to protect the stomach from this stomach acid. Ideally, the horse has hay available throughout the day, and the hay’s fibres form a protective mat in the stomach that absorbs the acid and gives it no chance of harming the stomach wall. The amount of sugar and starch in each meal must be kept as low as possible because sugar and starch among other things increase acid production. Feed management is an essential aspect in preventing stomach ulcers, but once stomach ulcers have been diagnosed there is a greater chance that they will come back at some point. For this reason, it is recommended that horses susceptible to stomach ulcers receive daily support.

Gastro Aid/8 (1.8kg)

  • Cavalor Gastro Aid mainly consists of herbs that protect the stomach wall and help neutralise stomach acid meaning that the stomach acid is much less likely to damage the stomach wall. Also, Cavalor Gastro Aid provides faster healing if the stomach wall has already been damaged.

    • Yeast cultures: aid in feed absorption and the digestibility of feed materials.

    • Gentiana Lutea: stimulates saliva production and neutralises stomach acid, meaning there is less chance of the stomach acid affecting the stomach wall.

    • Melissa officinalis: protects the stomach wall.

    • Glycyrrhiza glabra: affects the regulation of the gastrointestinal function and has an antibacterial effect.

    • Zingiber officinale: protects the stomach wall and helps damaged tissues heal faster, preventing the stomach acid from affecting the stomach wall.

    • Centaurium erythraea: stimulates the production of saliva.

    • Mastica: has a healing effect on the stomach.

  • In the case of stomach ulcers, the paste is often used initially. In addition, the paste is more user-friendly during transport or competitions.

    Mix 30g per day with feed for at least 4-6 weeks.

    1 measuring scoop = 10g. Maximum 100g per day.

    * Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Use within two years of the manufacture date

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