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The Gentle Grackle bridle is designed to fit based on the anatomy of the individual horse through its unique bilateral three ring adjustment system – this means the bridle will find the most natural place to sit on your horse/pony’s head decreasing pressure on the sensitive areas.


The hinge brow band fits around the shape of the skull. The Grackle nosebandfeatures bi-lateral rings, a central nose pad with four individual links allowing for the pressure to be evenly distributed. The straps behind the jaw and mouth are padded for comfort and fitted with a pocket to conceal the buckles and straps.


The placing of the bridle avoids as far as possible the superficial branches of the trigeminal nerve, the stimulation of these nerves has been associated with some forms of headshaking.


The Gentle Cavesson bridle is designed to give your horse the best possible experience of wearing a FEI approved competition legal bridle.


Patent leather, leather trim nosebands and crystal browbands are available on request. Please contact us to order.


Component parts can be mixed, eg full headpiece with cob cheeks and a cob noseband etc. Please contact us if you need help on sizing.

Jeffries Gentle Grackle Bridle

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