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MELP is Mattes special washing liquid and is a biodegradable, highly concentrated mix of washing agents and fatliquors used for the manufacture of Mattes sheepskins.


MELP has regreasing properties, therefore restoring the elasticity and other natural properties of the wool, the leather and also the textile materials used in Mattes products.


It is also ideal for washing washable leather goods when usual detergents could possibly harden the leather and make the wool brittle or matted.  Common household detergents can contain components which are very damaging to sheepskin. Most Mattes products can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees celsius or less.  Washing at above 30 degrees celsius will cause shrinkage of the products. Please look at the labels affixed to each individual product.  It is imperative to follow the washing instructions to maintain your Mattes product in the best condition.


  • Highly concentrated for all sheepskin and fabric products.
  • This detergent restores the natural properties of sheepskin and wool, reduced by washing.
  • Developed in the Mattes laboratories with agents tested and used in skin processing in their own tannery.
  • It protects against matting.
  • The leather remains soft and elastic and the wool fluffy.
  • Excellent for riding breeches in full leather or with leather patches.


Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L.

Mattes Melp Shampoo

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