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Cavalor has reinvented its approach to treating mud fever. More than 10 essential oils work together to heal, soothe and disinfect the pastern cavities. The formula is 100 % natural.


Mud fever is, without doubt, one of the most recognisable skin problems in horses. Mud fever is a collective name for different forms of skin irritation on a horse’s legs. In serious cases, the whole lower leg can swell up and, if left untreated, the swelling might not go away. In severe cases, this results in lameness.


The most well-known symptoms are redness, scales, scabs and cracks in the pastern. Bacteria and fungi can grow very quickly in the pastern and thrive here because it is warm and damp most of the time.


Mud fever can have different causes. For instance, dirt, mud, insects and washing out cracks in the skin, which are sensitive to bacterial infections, too often. Fungal infections, itch mite and sunburn are also frequently occurring causes. Because the pastern is constantly moving it takes a long time for the skin to heal.

MudDoc (200ml)

  • Cavalor MudDoc acts very fast thanks to the unique combination of many essential oils such as aloe vera, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree.

    MudDoc works on different levels to heal mud fever. The antiseptic properties make the pastern cavities inhospitable for the bacteria that cause mud fever, while wound healing and analgesic properties support the welfare of the horse.

    By promoting the blood circulation, the wounds will heal faster. The moisturising effect of the cream will improve skin elasticity so there is less scar tissue and the coat will grow back faster. Keeping the skin elastic is important to prevent skin cracks, which appear frequently during intensive exercise such as show jumping.

  • If necessary, shave away the hair around the mud fever. Clean the affected area with a disinfecting shampoo, such as Cavalor Derma Wash and make sure you dry the pastern cavities with a cloth before you apply Cavalor MudDoc.

    Apply MudDoc daily. It is recommended that the product is used for long enough to prevent the mud fever from coming back.

    * For external use only.

    * Keep out of reach of children.

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