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The Premier Equine Salvatore reins feature an innovative combination of the finest Italian leather and rubber materials. The inside surface of the rein (facing the horse), is composed of rubber with a fine bobbled pattern for increased grip. The outside surface of the rein is covered with high quality Italian leather for a sleek and professional finish. The Salvatore reins are perfect for both everyday riding and competition use.



To give these reins a stylish look each rein has a round raised design on the exterior surface, covering the first third of the rein from the bit.  Leather 'grips' are also placed at regular intervals along the reins, to enable a more secure contact/grip if desired. The Salvatore reins have stainless steel billet fastenings.


Available in Black and Brown.

Available in Full Size (54" in length and 5/8" wide).

PE Salvatore Rubber & Leather Grip Reins

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