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Cavalor PodoGuard is a unique blend of nourishing and essential oils which penetrate deep into the hoof resulting in an optimal hoof condition.


A healthy hoof expands and contracts as the horse walks thanks to the natural resilience of the hoof. Big fluctuations in temperature and humidity between night and day, especially during summer, will make it hard for the hooves not to lose too much moisture.  Excessively dry hooves will disturb the flexibility of the hoof resulting in cracked hooves.


The nourishing oil in Cavalor PodoGuard will penetrate deep into the hoof and create an ideal moisture balance to promote better hoof growth, development and quality. Broken or damaged hooves can recover while a new, healthy hoof grows in.


Too much moisture on the other hand is not beneficial either as hooves mainly consist of keratin (same protein found in human fingernails), so when soaked in water and mud, they will soften. The natural protective oils will then be stripped away making them more susceptible to invading organisms.


Cavalor PodoGuard acts as a real antibacterial barrier to keep moisture and micro-organisms out making PodoGuard the ideal blend to protect your horse’s hooves against every environment. Aside from external care products, nutrition also has a big influence on hoof health.

Podoguard (500ml & 2L)


  • In a dry environment: Apply Cavalor PodoGuard several times a week on a clean and wet hoof to prevent the moisture evaporation or treat cracked hooves.

    In a wet environment: Apply Cavalor PodoGuard several times a week on a clean and dry hoof.

    * For external use only.

    * Keep out of reach of children.

    * Store in a cool, dry place.

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