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the Prolite Correctional Tri Pad is a versatile and hard working pad. It features Prolite inserts that can be used or removed as necessary to alter the depth at the front, middle and rear with three pockets per side. It can also be used without any inserts as a standard relief pad.


This three-pocketed pad is a practical choice and provides endless solutions for a developing and changing youngster, when trying to balance a saddle on a horse with asymmetric conformation, during a remedial fit or when using one saddle on several horses. Also helpful for the sway backed or croup high horse.  The pad is perforated to allow air to circulate and maximising comfort.


Pad is supplied with one set of pads . 



  • Machine washable and durable
  • Shaped to fit the horses back and avoid the spine
  • Lightweight, shock absorbing and allows even weight distribution
  • One size to fit most 16 1/2" - 18" saddles
  • Ideal to adjust the fit of a saddle to correct symmetry issues
  • Can be adjusted front AND back with removeable inserts
  • 1 set of wedges (1 per pocket) are included (1x 1/4" foam pad per pocket)
  • ½" foam pad with 1/4" foam inserts


Prolite Correctional Pad - 3 pocket

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