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The Flexcite Stirrup Irons are shock-absorbing so therefore gentle on the riders ligaments and joints. Featuring a hermetically sealed, water-protected stainless steel System-4 joint these stirrups reduce the risk of the foot becoming stuck.  They are designed to keep the riders leg in the correct position and are made with a wide tread to improved balance and the tread contains two types of rubber for an improved grip. 


We offer a trial set of these stirrups to enable you to try them for a week before you buy.  They are stamped as test stirrups and are for trial purposes only

  • Simply purchase the test stirrups which include a postage charge and they will be sent out to you to try. 
  • Should you wish to purchase your own pair simply return the trail stirrups with a note and we will send out a new pair to you with no charge for postage. 
  • If they are not suitable for you then simply return them and we will issue a credit for them less the postage.


Size available: 120mm (4.75")

Colour available: Black/Silver

Made from HS-stainless steel.


Sprenger Flexcite Stirrup Irons

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