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Cavalor SwItch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skin irritations, also known as summer eczema or sweet itch. SwItch can also be used for skin irritations caused by harsh weather conditions. The spray works on different levels, which is why you can use SwItch as both a treatment and a preventative measure.


Summer eczema in horses is a seasonal, annually recurring itch that goes hand in hand with dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). This inflammation of the skin is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of certain biting midges, Culicoides, who are primarily active around sunrise and sunset during the warmer months (from March until October). This reaction causes a constant itch at the mane, base of the tail, head, and ears, which results in chafing. When scratching, horses can injure themselves, which could lead to secondary bacterial infections. Not all horses are allergic to this mosquito, which is why reactions vary from horse to horse.


Breeds such as Icelanders, Shire, Welsh ponies and Frisians appear to be more sensitive to the allergy, while sometimes even certain bloodlines within a breed show a higher susceptibility than others. This means that a possible allergic reaction is genetically determined.


SwItch (500ml)

  • Cavalor SwItch works on many levels. One of the active ingredients, benzyl benzoate, is known to have a repellent function, which is an important step in the prevention of sweet itch. Other hydrating and nourishing ingredients will take care of damaged and itchy skin.


    • Keeps the midges at a distance.

    • Quickly relieves itching.

    • Repairs and hydrates wounds that have been caused by the horse’s rubbing.

  • Shake vigorously until product turns white. Spray on a cloth or directly on the irritated skin.

    Apply Cavalor SwItch once or twice a day until positive results are visible.

    Use 2 or 3 times a week as maintenance or as a preventative measure before the start of the mosquito season.

    * External use only.

    * Can cause an allergic reaction. Wash your hands after use. Harmful to health when swallowed.

    * Keep out of reach of children.

    * Store in a cool and dry place.

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