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Cavalor VitaFlora contains prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance the microflora in the large intestine and promote good health from within.


The gut is home to a population of bacteria. These bacteria are essential for the health of the horse. They are necessary for the absorption of nutrients as well as for the health of the immune system. Feeding sufficient high-fibre forage is essential to keeping bacteria in balance because bacteria live off fibre. 


VitaFlora contains prebiotics (inulin) and probiotics (yeasts) that support microflora. A regimen of VitaFlora is recommended to give the gut a healthy boost after a season involving large amounts of concentrates, supplements, and perhaps medications. Cavalor VitaFlora is also designed for horses that suffer from unexplained emaciation or inconsistent excretion.


VitaFlora is also highly recommended after the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not only kill “bad” bacteria, they also eliminate some “good” bacteria from the microbiome.

Vitaflora (2kg)

  • Key Ingredients:

    Live yeast cultures: Live yeasts support hindgut bacteria and help to prevent acidification there. They improve the digestion of fibre, absorption of minerals, and production of B vitamins.

    Bio-Mos: Bio-Mos consists of fructo-oligosaccharides derived from yeasts. These promote optimum development of microflora and thus intestinal health. Good intestinal health is essential for the absorption of all nutrients and for the immune system.

    Inulin: is a prebiotic that stimulates the proper development of the microflora. The better the development of good bacteria, the less chance bad bacteria has to grow.

  • One bucket of Cavalor VitaFlora contains enough for one treatment. It is recommended to carry out a complete pail each time administered.

    Constant daily administration is not necessary if your horse is getting a complete and balanced feed ration.

    Foals: 15g per day

    Ponies/horses: 30g per day

    Lactating and pregnant mares: 45g

    1 scoop is 15g.   Maximum 100g per horse per day.

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