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Mel Lewis - Master Saddle Fitter

Your horse's comfort, performance and well being depends on a good fitting saddle.

Mel Lewis has over 35 years experience in the equine industry, supplying and fitting new and used saddles, and offers a dedicated empathic approach to ensuring both horse and rider are in perfect harmony.  Mel's expertise in saddle fitting has made her a trusted name throughout the industry.

Mel Lewis Saddle Fitter

About Mel

Mels passion for all things equestrian from an early age has led her journey into saddle fitting. 


In the early days trading from Bridgnorth,  her conscientious passionate approach has seen a large and loyal client base grow, spanning over 35 years. With this extensive knowledge and experience, Mel has a phenomenal eye for detail, a wide range of solutions and is always on hand to offer advice and support.

Mel works with an extensive range of saddle brands and holds a good range of new and used saddles in stock for all disciplines.


  • Qualified  Master Saddle Fitter with The Society of Master Saddlers

"Every horse and rider deserves comfort and balance. I'm here to help bridge the gap between performance and harmony through the art of saddle fitting."


Services Offered

1. On-site Saddle Fitting Consultation

A comprehensive evaluation ensuring the ideal saddle fit for rider and horse.

Regarding saddle fitting, there's no substitute for hands-on assessment. Mel travels directly to your location, ensuring a familiar and relaxed environment for both horse and rider. This service includes:

  • An evaluation of the horse's back and conformation to identify pressure points or potential problem areas.

  • Static and dynamic saddle fit assessments while the horse is stationary and in motion.

  • Rider balance and alignment checks, ensuring the rider's weight is distributed evenly and there's no unnecessary strain on the horse.

  • Suggestions for appropriate saddles or modifications based on the unique requirements of each horse and rider combination.


2. Remote Saddle Fitting Consultation

Can't meet in person? No problem. With technology's help, get expert advice and fitting recommendations.

Harnessing the power of technology, Mel provides expert remote consultation services. This process involves:

  • Guided tutorials on taking and sharing videos and images of the horse's back and the current saddle in place.

  • Virtual meetings to discuss specific issues, allowing real-time feedback and recommendations.

  • An analysis of the rider's position and horse's movement using the shared visuals.

  • A detailed report outlines the findings and actionable steps to achieve an optimal saddle fit.


3. Made to Measure Saddle

  • Offering alternative brands, trees, designs, panels and flaps to maximise  the best fit for horse and rider.


4. Saddle Adjustment and Reflocking

Regular use can alter a saddle's fit. Ensure it's always in top condition with adjustments and reflocking services.

Even the best saddles need periodic maintenance to retain their fit and comfort. Mel offers:


  • Consultation of existing saddle

  • Examine the saddle for wear, uneven flocking, or structural issues.

  • Reflocking of wool panels to ensure even distribution and optimal cushioning.

  • Adjustments to saddle trees.

  • Recommendations on care practices to extend the saddle's life and maintain its condition.



1. Premium Branded Saddles

Chosen by Mel for their unparalleled quality and comfort.

Mel's extensive experience in saddle fitting has exposed her to a variety of saddle brands and styles. With her refined eye and understanding of both horse and rider needs.

  • Crafted by renowned manufacturers known for their legacy in saddle-making.

  • It uses high-quality materials, such as superior-grade leather, ensuring a beautiful finish and lasting durability.

  • Features ergonomic designs that promote optimal weight distribution, ensuring comfort for both horse and rider.


2. Saddle Care Products

Ensure your saddle's longevity with top-tier care products.

A saddle is an investment; like all investments, it requires care to ensure longevity. Mel offers a range of saddle care products tested and approved for their effectiveness. These products include:

  • Leather Cleaners: Formulated to gently remove dirt, sweat, and grime without stripping the leather of its natural oils.

  • Leather Conditioners: Nourishing solutions that keep the leather soft, supple, and resistant to cracking or drying out.

  • Waterproofing Sprays: Protect your saddle from unexpected rain showers or moisture, ensuring the leather remains pristine.

  • Storage Solutions: Saddle covers, stands, and bags to protect your saddle during storage or transport.


3. Saddlery Accessories

From stirrups to saddle pads, find all the essentials curated by Mel.

Beyond saddles, there's an array of accessories vital to the equestrian experience. With her keen understanding of the sport, Mel has curated a selection of riding essentials known for their quality, functionality, and style. This collection includes:

  • Stirrups: Lightweight, durable, and designed for maximum grip, ensuring stability during rides.

  • Saddle Pads: Available in various materials and designs, these pads offer cushioning and sweat absorption, enhancing the horse's comfort.

  • Girths:  Vast array of specific ergonomic shapes and materials to suit your horse.

  • Bridles: Quality-crafted pieces ensure optimal rider and horse communication including ergonomic.


Mel's meticulous curation ensures that novice and experienced riders can find products that enhance their riding experience and ensure their horse's well-being.

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